Moments Market.


Moments Market (MMT).

Moments Market is where you can exchange time for crypto.

  • Moments Market is a microtask platform that is simple to use, fair, transparent and flexible to ensure both Movers and Makers can simply exchange their time for cryptocurrency.
  • Be a maker and set the Tasks - you are in full control over the task specifics, price, number of Movers required, task duration. You pay when satisfied the task has been completed.
  • Be a mover and utilise your downtime to complete tasks - choose those that look interesting and that you feel are worth your time. Or, engage each other directly via Hire Listings where you can hire a Mover to do a larger project.

Moments Market is forever improving and evolving into an all in one crypto platform where all our members needs are met, more features are being developed including NFT integration.


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Create or Complete Tasks

Create tasks for members to complete or complete them to earn crypto currency.

Hire or be Hired

Hire a member to complete a project or get hired.

Buy and Sell Items

Buy and Sell physical & digital items on the market using crypto currency.

Play Games and Contests

Earn Rewards Play games and enter contests. Earn rewards for activity.

Moments NFT Market

(Coming Soon) Buy Moments market NFT's and boost your account in numerous ways.

Active Development

Development is always ongoing, more features are being created to make Moments Market your one stop shop to earn crypto currency.

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