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Imagine you can be a part of a casino and earn cryptos!
That dream can be true now. Faucets and Dividends for free.

Sign up using my link: https://trustdice.win/faucet/?ref=u_xzor07

Earn one Cryptocurrency all 6 hours again: You can choose between:
0.001 EOS
0.000001 BTC
0.00002 ETH
0.002 USDT
1 Vita


Everyday in taskcenter you can earn 5,000 TXT
and by locking your TXT Amount you can earn dividends everyday!
stable income =)

Play games like dice, rocket crash, usual casino games or slots to wager and earn MiningPower as multiply factor, too.

Check https://www.trustpilot.com/review/trustdice.win?languages=all
(but multiple accounts are not allowed)

TXT is now on uniswap

24.07.2020 -> 0,00012674 $ and rises.
04.08.2020 -> 0,00022307 $
22.08.2020 -> 0,00025455 $

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Confirm your e-mail.
Write down your username, email and the date to proof your registration. Make a screenshot of you profile info page.

Please earn coins several times with faucet claims per days/ each day again.

Thank you =)

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