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  • Started: November 17, 2020
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I have started out streaming games i like to play on Twitch and i would you to view the channel and let me know what you think about the channel and current content.

Check out a couple of the past streams and if you would like to follow it would be appreciated but not required.

I stream popular games and would like to get some feedback on my channel and content, i am trying out what i think works for me and what viewers would like to see.

I am still learning the ropes and trying to get an audience, so please leave some comments when completing this task.

Following is not required but appreciated if you wish to view my upcoming streams.

If you are a gamer please leave comments on games you think would be good to stream.

How to prove you done it

Please name a game that i have streamed by viewing the channel.
A follow would be appropriated but not required.

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