Spread my image around.
  • Reward: 1000.00 TRBO
  • Social Media
  • Started: September 21, 2020
1000.00 TRBO

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5 minutes

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Available Positions

37 / 100

Task Done

( success rate: 100% )

Task Description

I would like this image spread all over the internet. Make a post anywhere, as long as you are not breaking their ToS or making your community/followers upset. I don't have a way to enforce this, but you must keep the image up for at least a month.

How to prove you done it

Send an image of your post that has the photo in it. You can mark out people's names and even your own. The photos that are sent to me will only be used to confirm this task is done and won't be looked at more than once.

Task Targeting

(this task is available for movers from all countries)

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